Adding Up to Peace-The Cumulative Impacts of Peace Initiatives

2018. Author: Diana Chigas, Peter Woodrow and CDA Collaborative Learning Project

Adding Up to Peace: The Cumulative Impacts of Peace Initiatives aims to identify how cumulative impacts in peace practice operate at all levels, in order to provide practical lessons for policymakers, donors and practitioners to develop more effective strategies for greater progress towards peace. This book builds on CDA’s Reflecting on Peace Practice Project, launched to answer the question: What works—and what doesn’t work—in peacebuilding? It seeks to deepen understanding of how multiple peacebuilding initiatives in a conflict zone interacted and added up (or didn’t), to result in progress towards larger societal level peace, or Peace Writ Large. The findings are a product of sixteen case studies conducted between 2007 and 2012, gathering the perceptions of both local and international stakeholders.

  • Conflict Sensitivity
  • Research/Lessons Learned
adding to peace

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