Breaking the Cycle of Violence-Applying Conflict Sensitivity to Transitional Justice

2017. Author: Huma Haider and Swisspeace

This working paper bridges work on transitional justice and reconciliation on the one hand, and conflict sensitivity on the other. It argues that transitional justice actors need to question and explore the actual effects of various approaches, processes and mechanisms. This paper proposes that conflict sensitivity be applied to transitional justice policies and programming in order to allow for this reflection and for more effective interventions. The paper first looks at the divisive legacy of violent communal conflict, followed by an overview of the concepts of transitional justice and reconciliation. This is followed by discussion on the political nature of transitional justice. It then discusses the concept of conflict sensitivity and the need to practice conflict sensitive transitional justice. The article then focuses on conflict sensitive tools that can be applied to transitional justice and explores key factors and guiding questions to consider when designing, planning and implementing conflict sensitive transitional justice programs, activities and approaches.

  • Conflict Sensitivity
  • Research/Lessons Learned
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