The capacity of UN agencies, funds and programmes to sustain peace- an independent review

2018. Author: ODI

The concept of ‘sustaining peace’ espouses a whole-of-system approach that builds on all three pillars of the UN system – human rights, peace and security, and development – in a mutually reinforcing way. But the UN has as yet little systematic evaluation of the extent to which its agencies, funds and programmes' (AFPs) objectives and operations do or could actually help in sustaining peace. This review offers strategic goals, objectives and corresponding actions and principles to address the specific actions needed to enhance the capacities of AFPs to sustain peace. It considers the capacities of AFPs with a view to recommending how they may be augmented in order to enhance the wider UN system’s efforts to sustain peace, with five cases in Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia and the Philippines.

  • Colombia , Kyrgyzstan , Lebanon , Liberia , Philippines
  • Sustaining Peace
  • Research/Lessons Learned
ODI sustaining Peace

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