Conflict Prevention-Connecting Policy and Practice

2018. Author: Lisa Ott, Ulrike Lühe, and SwissPeace

This paper addresses the most recent paradigm shift in conflict prevention, noting that the international community’s understanding of conflict prevention is consistently evolving. The paper offers a concise history of the recent evolution of conflict prevention at the UN and clarifies how specific conflict prevention efforts relate to conceptual discussions. It examines how conflict prevention efforts can be improved based on recent policy debates, including the Pathways for Peace report, which was recently jointly published by the UN and the World Bank and which describes the current paradigm. A major takeaway is the point that information about the sources of conflict and violence exist, what is lacking is decisive action to prevent them and the political will needed to motivate such action.

  • Conflict Prevention
  • Research/Lessons Learned
CP connecting policy and practice

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