Conflict Sensitivity- Taking it to the Next Level

2016. Author: Sabina Handschin, Eric Abitbol, Rina Alluri and Swisspeace

The impetus for this special Working Paper on Conflict Sensitivity emerged after Swisspeace hosted a three-day Conflict Sensitivity Retreat in 2014 in Oberhofen, Switzerland. The motivation underpinning this working paper compilation is to ‘take conflict sensitivity to the next level’ by engaging with it both critically and appreciably, as it relates to different sectors, debates, levels and activities. The first chapter launches into critical reflections on conflict sensitivity. Authors in the second chapter on policy debates examine and assess the ways in which conflict sensitivity has, or has yet, to meaningfully inform policy processes, frameworks and tools, programming and evaluation. In the third chapter on conflict sensitivity and business, authors critically examine the ways and extent to which the private sector has engaged with conflict sensitivity as priority and practice. Authors included in the fourth and final chapter discuss conflict sensitivity as a vector for peacebuilding across sectors.

  • Conflict Sensitivity
  • Research/Lessons Learned
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