Digital Technologies and Mediation in Armed Conflict

2019. Author: DPPA and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

This report is an attempt to assess the implications of growing connectivity and reliance on digital technologies for what has always been a human-intensive endeavour: the mediation of armed conflicts. It will inform and accompany the development of a Toolkit for mediators. The objective of this work is to: (i) raise awareness among mediation practitioners of the implications of digital technology use in mediation contexts; (ii) promote ongoing reflection and discussion on the topic; (iii) provide mediators with concrete examples and practical information on digital technologies; and (iv) establish a community of practice to exchange information and experiences, including on how to integrate digital technologies into mediation strategies.
The report also showcases the manifold opportunities that digital technologies offer to mediators and their teams to support their work. It focuses on four thematic areas: (1) conflict analysis; (2) engagement with conflict parties; (3) inclusivity; and (4) strategic communications.

  • Insider Mediation , Conflict Prevention
  • Guidance/Handbooks/Training
digital tech mediation

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