Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

2015. Author: Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding

This report is a multi-agency, multi-country, multi-donor (3M) evaluation in Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal to 1) Map who is doing what and where to support child and youth peacebuilding (CYP), 2) Nurture durable partnerships increasing CYP quantity, quality, and impact 3) With children and youth, assess the quality and impact of child and youth participation in peacebuilding and variables influencing CYP impact; 4) Build the capacity of children and youth to meaningfully participate in CYP evaluations; and 5) Present key findings and recommendations to stakeholders to help increase the quantity, quality and impact of CYP work.

  • Nepal , Democratic Republic of the Congo , Colombia
  • Asia Pacific , Africa , Americas
  • Youth & Peacebuilding
  • Research/Lessons Learned
3m evaluation

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