Leave No One Behind Peace and Conflict Analysis in Kenya - through the eyes of those at risk of being left behind

2022. Author: UN Kenya, Peace and Development Team

This assessment aims to identify LNOB groups in Kenya, generate insights into the factors that contribute to their marginalization and understand the intersectional risks and vulnerabilities that impact the lives of those most left behind or at risk of being left behind. The goal is to bring their voices to the center of the CCA process in order to enable, increase and mainstream LNOB-sensitive programming. Based on the catalytic effect of the UN Secretary-General’s Data Strategy, the study draws on a hybrid model of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and provides data-informed insights to advise the design of programs, policies and practices in compliance with central UN principles, including a Human Rights-Based Approach and Do No Harm.

  • Kenya
  • Africa
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Project-related Documents

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