National Dialogue Handbook-A Guide for Practitioners

2017. Author: Berghof Foundation and swisspeace

Grounded in a series of contemporary case studies, this Handbook aims to contribute to the debate about National Dialogue, bringing together insights and expertise from diverse regions. In doing so,
it seeks to present systematic reflections and offer practical
advice. The Handbook thus supports conflict stakeholders and practitioners (both local and international) to grapple with the challenges they face and to pursue the most appropriate design for their particular context. Aimed at both internal and external actors who seek to plan, conduct, implement and support National Dialogues in an effective and efficient manner, it focuses on how to conduct and support such a process. The purpose of the National Dialogue Handbook is both to offer an analytical framework of National Dialogue processes and to serve as a practical tool for those engaged in the implementation of these processes.

  • Africa , Arab States , Americas
  • Dialogue Process
  • Guidance/Handbooks/Training
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