OSCE Support to Insider Mediation - Strengthening Mediation Capacities, Networking and Complementarity

2016. Author: Mir Mubashir, Engjellushe Morina, Luxshi Vimalarajah and Berghof Foundation

This study aims to probe more deeply into the potential opportunities and challenges that exist for the OSCE in supporting insider mediators, and to develop interfaces for mutual support that can maximize complementarity between them. To this end, in-depth case studies were conducted in Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine to gather OSCE experiences, and identify lessons and operational recommendations. This study was commissioned to enhance conceptual clarity and provide operational guidance as to how the OSCE could better support insider mediation as well as to reflect on possible challenges and constraints.

  • Kyrgyzstan , Kosovo , Ukraine
  • Europe and CIS
  • Insider Mediation
  • Research/Lessons Learned

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