Project Document - Peacebuilding in Lebanon Phase 3 (2014-2015)

2014. Author: UNDP, Government of Lebanon

The third phase of the UNDP-managed peacebuilding project for Lebanon focuses on addressing the new challenges to civil peace and peacebuilding in the country, and builds on the understanding and successes of the previous two phases. The document outlines the project outputs as follow: 1) education promoting social cohesion supported; 2) media empowered to promote balanced and conflict sensitive media coverage; 3) local level peacebuilding strategies to mitigate tensions developed in selected conflict prone areas of Lebanon hosting Syrian refugees; and 4) NGO platform promoting nation-wide truth and reconciliation supported ex-fighters’ role in promoting peacebuilding supported.

  • Lebanon
  • Arab States
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Project-related Documents

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