Project Document - Promoting Stability in Kyrgyzstan through Administration of Justice Infrastructure for Peace (2011-2012)

2011. Author: UNDP, UNHCR, OHCHR, UNICEF, UNWOMEN, FAO, WFP, UNFPA, Government of Kyrgyzstan

The present project document outlines the efforts to be carried out by the United Nations to lessen the likelihood of a return to conflict in Kyrgyzstan. The project focus is in three areas: 1) supporting local conflict management structures/local communities to address threats to stability, provide rapid protection interventions and engage national stakeholders in policy dialogue and early response; 2) addressing urgent justice issues to create a more conducive environment for reconciliation and stability; and 3) Addressing the urgent conflict-related needs of youth and women and engaging them, along with the media, as critical stakeholders to prevent a relapse into conflict. The annexes to the document are specific project proposals.

  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Asia Pacific
  • Infrastructures for Peace , Conflict Prevention
  • Project-related Documents

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