Responsive and Responsible Politically Smart Rule of Law Reform in Conflict and Fragile States

2016. Author: Richard Sannerholm, Shane Quinn, Andrea Rabus and FBA

This study, draws on a review of literature (academic and policy) and interviews with rule of law practitioners, examines why politics has been only marginally represented in rule of law reform. It looks at why this matters, and then goes on to consider how politics and working politically smart can be included in rule of law practice. The report focuses on UN and UNDP in particular but also other agencies in the field of rule of law – such as donors and implementing organisations. The main message is that for agencies such as UNDP more responsive and responsible policies and actions are required in order to effectively meet the demands and challenges of complex transformational rule of law change in fragile and conflict-ridden settings.

  • Democratic Governance
  • Research/Lessons Learned
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