What Works in UN Resident Coordinator led Conflict Prevention- Lessons from the Field

2018. Author: Sebastian Einseidel and the UN University

This paper is a synthesis of lessons learned from a research project that looks at nine case studies (Bolivia, Colombia, Guinea, Guyana, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Nepal and Tunisia) of UN Resident Coordinators who have supportive preventive action. It focuses on success stories (instances where RCs have meaningfully contributed to conflict prevention), since failures have already been well documented (for good reason: failures call for accountability and successful prevention is difficult to prove). This paper offers ten areas where the case studies showed patterns of success, suggests that these patterns may serve as guidance for how to maximize the preventive potential of current and future RCs, and provides recommendations for how the UN may support RCs in prevention work.

  • Bolivia , Colombia , Guinea , Guyana , Kenya , Kyrgyzstan , Malawi , Nepal , Tunisia
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Research/Lessons Learned
RC conflict prevention

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