Women and Natural Resources-Unlocking the Peacebuilding Potential

2013. Author: UNEP, UN Women, UNDP and PBSO

This report focuses on the relationship between women and natural resources in conflict-affected settings, and discusses how the management of natural resources can be used to enhance women’s engagement and empowerment in peacebuilding processes. Part I of the report examines the relationship between women and natural resources in peacebuilding contexts, reviewing key issues across three main categories of resources: land, renewable and extractive resources. Part II discusses entry points for peacebuilding practitioners to address risks and opportunities related to women and natural resource management, focusing on political participation, protection and economic empowerment.

  • Uganda , Nepal , Sierra Leone , Liberia , Burundi , Sudan , Afghanistan , Colombia
  • Asia Pacific , Africa , Arab States , Americas
  • Women in Peacebuilding
  • Research/Lessons Learned

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