Local Networks for Peace - Lessons from Community-Led Peacebuilding

2018. Author: Lesley Connolly, Laura Powers and IPI

This report includes case studies of community-led peacebuilding networks in Burundi, the Central African Republic, Colombia, Kenya, Liberia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe to identify approaches for more inclusive and integrated peacebuilding. These case studies, written by local peacebuilders working in each of the countries, underscore the organizational, political, and financial advantages and risks to operating as part of a broader network. The aim of this report is to enhance understanding among international peacebuilding practitioners and policymakers of peacebuilding network structures, including their comparative advantages and challenges.

  • Burundi , Central African Rep , Colombia , Kenya , Liberia , South Africa , Sri Lanka , Zimbabwe
  • Conflict Prevention
  • Research/Lessons Learned
local networks

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